Who We Are

Founded in Republic of Singapore , Marzuk International has dedicated its focus in the Asian commodity markets.

Singapore was chosen as a hub to take the advantage of its strategic geographical location and excellent infrastructure for commodity trading activity that`s including manpower , logistics , corporate tax and trade-finance benefits.

Singapore is conducive for trading activities and reputed to be a successful commodity trading hub in the world. This has proven to be the case since we started our operations.

The management team is experienced in agri-commodities markets and the company principals have a deep physical trading experience with agricultural goods across Asia , Black Sea and Africa.

We trade with grains , feeds , oilseeds , pulses , rice and sugar with a niche focus on containerized cargoes.

Our principal expertise are mainly with a strong origination and sourcing capabilities in the Black Sea region countries like Russia , Ukraine , Moldova and with a niche and specific focus on South-Asia and Southeast-Asian countries as the main export destinations.